SEO Vs. SEM: Which One’s Best for Your Growing Business?

High website traffic, increased click-through rates, and top-page ranking are the markers of a well-performing business. Marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are two effective ways to increase visibility and increase customer base.

SEO and SEM are often used interchangeably. However, these marketing strategies are fundamentally different, and here’s all you need to know about them:

SEO vs. SEM: What’s the Difference?

The goal of both SEO and SEM is to boost sales and improve website traffic. But they work in different ways. SEO focuses on improving your organic following by increasing the page rankings. Good quality content that’s relevant and has optimized keywords would fare better in organic search engine results than repetitive and irrelevant articles and blogs.

Conversely, SEM refers to monetized search engine marketing activities such as search ads, dynamic ads, mobile ads, and other pay-per-click advertisements. The idea is straightforward: target a keyword, make a payment, and run your promotion on a search engine result page instantly.

Can SEO and SEM work together?

When you’re just starting out, an effective marketing strategy that targets both organic and paid searches can help you get more visibility. While SEM can show your advertisement overnight and garner attention, SEO can increase your loyal clientele. This would help you build your identity and establish yourself as a reliable name in the market.

SEM can help you get instant clicks while SEO works in the background. Keep in mind that SEO takes time to show results, but over time, SEO can replace SEM, and you no longer have to pay for ads, reducing your marketing costs and improving profitability.

Organic Clicks vs. Paid Clicks

Trust is a crucial factor in deciding which search result page a consumer would click on. When you search for a service on Google, you get paid advertisements, some frequently asked questions, and organic search results based on Google page rankings. Customers are more likely to click on ‘trusted’ sites, i.e., the organic page results rather than the paid advertisements. This is why, when it comes to building a reliable customer base, SEO provides more favorable results than paid clicks. Ultimately, the battle of SEO vs SEM is organic vs paid clicks on your website, which is a choice between building trust and bypassing it.

Decide your business’ future

SEM is a great tool to attract customers if your business is well-known. However, if your company is already doing well, consider investing in SEO services to increase your Google rankings and organic search engine results.

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