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Welcome to the future of web development and digital marketing for small agencies, web designers, and developers. At Local Image, we understand your common frustrations with mainstream hosting solutions like GoDaddy, BlueHost, SiteGround or WP Engine —from poor customer support to inefficient setups that slow down your projects. Heck, we used to have to deal with those same problems. That’s why we crafted a solution tailored to the needs of digital marketing agencies, and we’re sharing our advanced processes with you.


By choosing Local Image, you’re not just getting a service provider—you’re gaining a partner as invested in your success as you are who understands your needs completely.

Website Spin-Up and Hosting System:

Removes all tech obstacles

Provides a seamless and supportive backend

WordPress platform set up for you

Security measures put in place

Plugins installed for you

Plugin trouble shooting with ongoing support

Comprehensive Partnership:

We handle the technicalities

You reap the rewards

Lets you focus on designing, developing, and growing your agency and your client’s businesses

On-Demand Technical Support:

Our technical support team is always available for assistance

Expert developers at your fingertips as needed

Do you own a marketing agency?
We offer great rates for agencies that want to focus on their creative work rather than all the technical details.
Learn more about Agency White Labeling!


We offer solutions that save you time and reduce costs, highlighted by our reliable hosting services starting at just $49 a month. Our expert technical support ensures that your digital platforms run smoothly, no matter the demand. Recent industry statistics underscore the necessity for such services, with a notable rise in employment for web developers and an increasing market demand for responsive design, reflecting the growing need for reliable digital support services.

Powerful WordPress Features & Plugins

You’re not just getting basic hosting and a launched website with Local Image, rather, you get the same suite of supporting plugins and features we use to empower our clients’ websites.

You may opt out of any features you don’t need at any time, and, with our White Label program, you can even customize the name and appearance to customize plugins to match your branding and convey a more professional and powerful brand.

About Our Powerful Hosting Servers

• Top-tier Intel CPUs: Experience blazing-fast performance with advanced 3GHz Intel Xeon processors, designed for demanding websites.

• Next-generation Storage: Enjoy unparalleled speed and reliability with NVMe SSDs, outperforming traditional SSDs for seamless site operation.

• Exceptional Value: Benefit from industry-leading features and performance at competitive prices, making our plans a smart investment for buyers and resellers.

Major Features Built Into Local Image WordPress Websites

Image Optimization

Content Display Network

Site Performance Metrics

SEO Essentials

Website Security

Nightly Website Backups

7 Pro Wp Plugine


Our offerings are centered around WordPress Sites On-Demand, providing rapid (nearly instant) deployment of WordPress sites tailored to your clients’ needs. This ensures you can launch professional websites quickly and efficiently without dealing with technical complexities.
Quick Launch: Launch professional websites quickly and efficiently.
Expert Technical Support: From server management to troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance.
Transparent Pricing: Straightforward and transparent, without surprises.


Initial Setup Fee:

Agency Partner Relationship Initiation of $300

Hosting Services:

$49/month or $539/year (billed annually)

Expert Technical Support:

$150/hour (billed by the quarter-hour, so you only pay for what you use)

Ask About Our White Label hosting options starting at $997!


Don’t let technical challenges slow down your business growth. Partner with Local Image today and experience the power of our WordPress site launch services, tailored just for marketing professionals like you.

Benefits of Partnering with Local Image:

WordPress Sites On-Demand

Expert digital marketing and technical support

Tailored solutions for marketing professionals

Take the first step towards a hassle-free digital future. Schedule a consultation to take the next step toward the right WordPress hosting solution. Let’s build something great together!


For an additional onboarding fee to develop your white label profile, set up your branding, and add custom naming to your websites’ plugins and backend documentation. This allows you to resell websites as if they were entirely in-house projects. This is great for smaller and newer agencies to be taken more seriously and land bigger clients.

What Is Local Image White Label?
Local Image White Label offers a simple and easy solution to the challenges faced by web professionals today. Featuring our WordPress Sites On-Demand service, we provide comprehensive support encompassing hosting, technical assistance, and much more. Our service simplifies the technical aspects of web management, enabling you to focus on creativity and client satisfaction without the usual backend headaches.

Partnering with Local Image means having a reliable technical backbone. Our services are designed to streamline your workflow, ensuring you can launch and manage websites more efficiently than ever. With Local Image, you tap into expert resources, allowing you to deliver superior results with less stress.

Why Choose Local Image White Label?

Choosing Local Image White Label means choosing peace of mind. Many web developers and small agencies grapple with the complexities of poor hosting services and the incessant demands of maintaining web infrastructure. With Local Image, these burdens are lifted, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

Aren’t You a Marketing Firm? Won’t You Just Poach Our Clients?
Yes, we’re, first and foremost, a marketing firm. This is actually why we’re such a good partner for other agencies. We understand this concern and have not only had to face it in the past but deal with the fall out of a so-called partner agency taking projects from us. This is exactly why we never seek to compete with our White Label clients, and all websites launched with our White Label service are added to an internal non-compete list, ensuring no conflict of interest!

At the end of the day, your success is our success, and we only want to help you thrive.

What Does It Take To Be a Local Image White Label Partner?
We would love to help your agency grow with white-label services that enhance and expand your existing capabilities. All it takes to become a White Label partner is to go through our onboarding process, including a one-time $997 initial agency onboarding fee for the white-label partnership. This covers the setup and customization of your services as well as walking you through the options and ways to accurately represent and pitch the white labeled service.


Beyond just handling the technical side, we also offer comprehensive strategic digital marketing services. These include SEO, where we implement cutting-edge strategies to boost your site’s visibility in search engines; content strategy, helping you craft messages that resonate with your audience; and social media management, designed to increase engagement and brand presence across various platforms. If any of these services could enhance your agency’s offerings, please schedule a meeting to explore partnership and white-label opportunities.