Are you a small to medium-sized business owner feeling overwhelmed by the world of digital marketing?

Do you wish you could seize control of your online presence without having to spend a fortune on hiring an agency?


“Digital Marketing Decoded” is Local Image’s comprehensive digital marketing course designed specifically for local businesses like yours. Everyone, regardless of their budget, deserves to understand and capitalize on the opportunities offered by digital marketing, and that’s just what this course aims to accomplish!


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In this complex digital era, understanding how to effectively market your business online is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Whether you’re aiming to become a marketing pro yourself, train a team member, or simply make informed decisions when partnering with a marketing agency, Digital Marketing Decoded is the solution you need!
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Our course covers a little bit of everything, from developing your brand, optimizing websites, and upping your social media game to understanding the nuances of customer relationship marketing. The goal is to get you generally familiar with every major facet of digital marketing so you can take control of your business’s marketing efforts. Plus, if you do end up working with an agency in the future, you’ll have the background knowledge you need to understand exactly what they’re doing and how it will help your business.

Who Needs This Course?

The Digital Marketing Decoded course is designed to directly match up with the typical needs of solopreneurs, small businesses, family businesses, and medium-sized businesses that haven’t had the bandwidth to get a handle on digital marketing. In so many industries, digital marketing has seemed unimportant in the past, but as our lives become ever more digital, traditional means of marketing have become less relevant and worthwhile for many businesses.

Digital Marketing Decoded is the crash course you need to become familiar with digital marketing in broad strokes. It won’t make you an expert, but it will give you the general understanding and lay of the land you need to allocate resources, assess a hired firm, set objectives for internal marketing staff, and understand what goes into (and should come out of) digital marketing.


This course includes chapters with text, visuals, and videos on the following important digital marketing topics:

Branding, Content, Print

Understand the importance of a robust brand, create engaging content, and leverage print marketing.

Website & SEO

High level overview of design and optimization of your website and touch upon the basics of Search Engine Optimization.

AI Marketing

Explore how AI can enhance your marketing strategies.

SEO - Listings & Content

Dive deeper into SEO, discover how to optimize listings and create SEO-friendly content.

Business Listings & Review Management

Leverage Google Business for greater online visibility and manage customer reviews.

Customer Relationship Marketing

Master CRM tools, email marketing, and more to nurture customer relationships.

Social Media

Get your brand noticed on social media and understand how to create compelling posts.

Digital Ads

Understand the importance of Google and social ads and why it’s crucial to outsource them.

Tech, Hosting, Security

Introduction to the world of managing your website’s technical aspects, what hosting is and how to ensure it is secure, and maintain a user-friendly online presence.

Outcomes of Digital Marketing Decoded

By the end of this course, you should be able to…

Grasp the essentials of digital marketing.

Design a digital marketing plan that aligns with your business goals.

Gain a foundational knowledge of SEO to boost your website's presence on search engines like Google.

Master the art of using social media to amplify your brand and connect with your community.

Learn to effectively delegate and oversee digital ad campaigns, including PPC initiatives.

Recognize the value of content marketing and craft compelling content for your audience.

Evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns using key performance metrics.

Utilize email marketing to foster leads and strengthen customer bonds.

Familiarize yourself with PR basics to elevate your brand's image.

Engage knowledgeably with your marketing team or agency, influencing decisions on strategies and budgets.

Stay agile, adjusting your marketing approach and budget in response to market shifts and business objectives.

And there's so much more to explore!


We LOVE how quickly our partnership with Local Image Co has enhanced and promoted our business! It’s only been a few months and our “traffic” has increased dramatically which has brought us more clients. We are so pleased, as it’s our goal to help as many people feel and live their best! Amber and Holly are so fun, techno savvy, creative and really spend time listening and getting to know your business so they can market it in the best way possible. We have a lot of laughs along the way and that, to me, is priceless! Thanks gals!

– Dr. Joseph Hayes

I have been working with Amber for a little over a month now and I’m so happy with her quality of work. Local Image built my website and they are doing my hosting; Amber is also teaching me all of the ins and outs of marketing and her time and expertise have proven invaluable to me already. What I love most about this company is their focus on small business owners getting the best value for their money, I feel appreciated and heard as a valued client. I highly recommend this company!!

-Melissa Marsh

Local Image Co. remade my website, which had been static for several years. Not only have I received more leads, but one new client told me, “I just wanted to let you know your website is great too and was the main reason I called. Thank you, Holly Bruns and Local Image Co.!

-Stacey Ayotte

Working with Amber at local image continues to be a very positive experience. As our business grew we knew we had to increase our social media presence, continue to expand our digital branding through procuring a new website, expand our e-commerce and build a marketing plan that is inline with our future growth.

Partnering with Local Image is like having friends come to work with you. First they recognize the value in the relationship and try to exceed your marketing goals by getting to know you and your company like it is their own. They make coming to work fun! Their smiles are contagious and so is there giving attitude. Local Image has the knowledge of many companies along with a huge heart to match. Your company will feel better by doing business with Local Image!

– Dave Matthew


Local Image is your reliable marketing partner based out of South Portland, Maine. Our inception was fueled by the idea of offering marketing services that align with business owners’ best interests, ensuring they understand the value provided by each dollar spent on marketing.
Our diverse team comprises professionals who excel in various facets of digital marketing, from Google and social media ad management to SEO, website design, and email marketing. We’re proud of our roots in Maine and are honored to aid our clients in building an impactful online presence, contributing to their overall business success


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