Using Influencer Marketing for Conversions

Influencer fever has officially reached an all-time high in the global digital sphere. With its origins in YouTube culture, we now have influencers dominating many different platforms, although Instagram and YouTube remain the major platforms for influencer content.

However, using influencer marketing for conversions isn’t all that simple, especially as this trend has saturated the market. To stand out with influencer content means being smart and strategic about the content being pushed out. Let’s look at the insight from our social media advertising team.

Creating the Right Partnerships

The first step to creating influencer marketing is an extremely important one. Influencer marketing works because the content they create is seamlessly promotional while staying organic, and consumers are compelled to buy from or patronize you. 

However, without the right influencer, the authentic touch falls flat. You should be looking for influencers who possess authority within your industry, ones that have created content in the past that you like, and who have local audiences. 

For example, let’s suppose you produce eco-friendly oral hygiene products. While a lifestyle blogger can help create promotional content, a dentist or medical professional influencer can incorporate content for your products without it seeming in your face. 

Create the Right Message for Influencer Content

There are ways to utilize influencer content intelligently, just like any other medium. As established above, influencer content needs to be disseminated strategically. If your product is complicated to use, a how-to video is a great way to partner with an influencer.

On the other hand, if there’s something unique about your operations, like sustainable manufacturing, you can invite an influencer who advocates for this kind of issue to come see your worksites. This helps create a multi-dimensional brand image. 

Giveaways and Contests are Key

You may be wondering how to materially boost conversions from influencer content to on-site traffic. One useful way to drive up your conversions is what many brands and influencers are doing on Instagram right now.

Giveaways and contests that require people to engage with your social media lead them down the sales funnel, which will boost conversions for you at the end of the day. Not only do giveaways increase your audience, but they also allow viewers to see your products and create a psychological demand for them.

Use Reviews Wisely

One of the most common and sometimes even overused formats for influencer contact is reviews. This medium is employed by skincare, makeup, and beauty influencers most of all, and is the most obvious way to promote your brand. That’s exactly why this doesn’t work.

As audiences become more attuned to how covert influencer promotions work, reviews become ineffectual when sponsored by you. Only if your product is an entirely new invention can a review work to bring in conversions. 

You have to get influencers to review the content subtly, instead of having videos or blogs dedicated to just reviews. However, creating that content means consulting with a social media marketing agency like us.

At Local Image Co. we strive to create plans and strategies that work for your business and are updated to reflect how times change. Our digital media marketing agency in Portland, ME, can create and pursue influencer marketing strategies for you.

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