Should You DIY Search Engine Optimization For Your Startup?

Businesses have needed SEO for as long as there’s been an internet and will continue to do so as long as Google exists. However, businesses had more time, resources to spare, and ways to conduct trial and error to figure out what worked for them before the pandemic. DIY SEO is a tempting solution, but is it a good one?

In today’s fast-moving digital marketing industry, things are better taken care of by experts or renowned online marketing companies from the get-go. This saves a lot of time, resources, and energy and will get your business in front of its primary audience sooner—especially if you’re just getting it off the ground.

If you’ve been confused between in-house SEO strategy building vs. outsourcing to a professional agency, here are all the factors that you need to consider.

SEO Is A Steep Learning Curve—It Will Need Attention and Energy

We’re all here to learn, expand our knowledge, and figure out new ways to help our businesses grow.

But every second you spend on trying to figure out what will work best is a second you’re spending not doing what you do best—perfecting your product, figuring out your target market, and reaching out to friends, family, and influencers to try and review your product!

At the end of the day, this isn’t a great strategy, and you don’t have promotions or reviews for your product either.

Learning DIY SEO Is Time-Consuming—You Won’t Do It In A Month

Businesses need a strong foundation now more than ever, and that can’t be done in a month of learning SEO. This can be achieved by working with businesses that can apply years of knowledge to catapult you into hyper-growth.

SEO is time-consuming to learn and to execute—take it from people who know—new businesses just don’t have that kind of time to spare. A great SEO strategy will require a well-trained team to create and execute it.

Why Outsourcing Is Great—and Who To Outsource To

A better strategy for small businesses that are looking to launch and start crushing their market as soon as possible is to ask an experienced SEO marketing agency for a helping hand. The great thing about this is that working closely with an expert will not only make sure you have a fool-proof, customized strategy, but your own team will learn a lot through first-hand experience.

Another great advantage is that working with a professional SEO agency gives you a team of experts to turn to whenever you’re stuck with something or need help regarding marketing or SEO that you can’t find on Google.

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