Building Local Authority with SEO

When you’re trying to rank locally for concrete conversions, it can be a struggle to get that kind of traction going. We believe that the key to tapping into local markets with SEO is to start building local authority.

What does that mean? Authority building is a way for businesses that provide services to local markets only to achieve their growth goals. This means finding a way to come across as authentic, genuine, and more human, as opposed to formal and commercial.

Let’s take a look at a few strategies our SEO services experts have outlined.

Linking Intelligently in Content

One common technique used to elevate your website is to link to high-authority domains. For example, if you’re a recruiting firm, linking to Forbes or SHRM is one way to start building local authority. However, for local SEO, this technique needs to change a little.

Go local with the links you’re putting on your website. A partnership with a business or practice nearby is one way to accomplish this. By the other business linking your site and you, in return, linking them, you’re more likely to gain local authority.

Invoke a Local Touch

When you draft content for your website, you want to make sure you reference local culture too. For example, cheering when you cross the Piscataqua River Bridge, bean suppers, and the Valentine’s Day Bandit are just a few Maine-specific things you could reference in your social media and content marketing.

You can also pick up local news events unlikely to be of interest to larger media channels and enterprises and create content around that. This helps audiences know you’re a locally invested business. 

Keep Your GMB Account Active

There’s nothing worse than when a user looks for a service you offer, finds you on Google Maps or the search engine, and then finds that your GMB listing is basically empty. No pictures, description, service details, or timings are a signal to the user that you’re essentially a ghost business.

Instead, you should make sure to get authentic, un-staged pictures of your premises, the work you do, and your team. Add keyword optimization to the mix along with complete business information, and voila! You’ll gain more traction almost immediately.

Create Content That People Need

There’s no point in creating content that nobody will want to read, even if it meets all the requirements of SEO. To build authority, you must be genuinely interested in planning content that is of use to anyone who comes across it.

For example, bringing information on how to begin filing taxes is more important than writing about the different elements of your services. That’s how you create authority as a business — by showing you care about your clients, not yourself.

That’s just the start of the many different local SEO tactics we can perform in collaboration with you. At Local Image Co. we strive to ensure your goals for SEO ranking are met. We also provide web design services and social media marketing in the Portland, ME area to enhance and highlight your brand story.