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Most digital marketing efforts are geared toward directing traffic to your website. Whether you opt for social media marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the goal is usually to direct organic traffic to your site.

Your business website isn’t just a one-stop-shop for all your business-related information and products, it’s a marketing tool in itself. According to HubSpot, 97% of consumer purchasing decisions are influenced by the business website.

When online marketing success is at stake, it’s imperative to make sure your website is performing optimally. Your website’s performance can be analyzed on a couple of metrics to determine how well it’s doing. Only then can you receive actionable recommendations to make a much-needed difference.

Let’s find out whether your website is performing well:

SEO Audit

It’s no surprise that Search Engine Optimization is closely linked to website success. By optimizing your website according to certain standards, you can try to ensure it achieves a good SERP ranking.

When potential customers visit search engines to look for the products and services you provide, your goal is to appear among the first few results. In fact, the top 3 Google results enjoy a click-through-rate of 75.1%.

A complete SEO audit that diagnosis your website’s optimization problems may include:

  • Checking if your website is under an algorithmic or manual Google Penalty
  • Making sure your domain appears as the first result when you search your brand name
  • Checking for any indexing issues
  • Does your website perform well on mobile phones or tablets?

Bounce Rates

This is a useful tool that’ll tell you a lot about how users interact with—and feel about—your website. The bounce rate determines the percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing just one page.

As an indicator that visitors didn’t interact with your website, knowing your bounce rate can help you determine major changes that need to be made. The goal is to lower your bounce rate since it signals good website performance and shows that people are interacting with your website for much longer.

Website Development Coding on a Laptop

Traffic & Conversion

The primary goal of every e-commerce business is to direct visitors to their website in the hopes that they’ll make a purchase. That’s why website traffic and conversion rates are an essential tool to make sure you’re doing something right.

Traffic statistics provide vital information about the number of unique visitors, how many of them are new, and how they’re engaging with your website.

Conversion rates determine how many visitors ended making a purchase. Using this information, you can determine valuable leads and optimize your website with more calls to action.

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