Digital Marketing Tactics You Should Steer Clear Of

Don’t come up with a generic marketing strategy that could be used for different groups of people. Find out what your audience is really looking for and devise a strategy that addresses their specific needs. You should also research their location and conduct market surveys to get a deeper understanding of their interests and problems.

And hey, if you’re confused about what they want, ask! The more you connect with your audience, the better you’ll understand them.

Using Social Media Only for Promotional Content

Creating business accounts on different social media platforms is one thing. Using them effectively for the varying social media audiences is a whole other ball game.

Many businesses end up losing customers despite being active on social media because they only publish promotional content. Now we know what you’re thinking; isn’t that the point of utilizing social media tools? Aren’t you supposed to be promoting your brand and services online?

You’re not wrong. Social media is, after all, a powerful digital marketing tool. According to one survey, 77% of consumers are more likely to avail your services or buy your products if they follow you on social media. That’s why you’ve created accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn in the first place; to gain greater online visibility. However, if you’re only using them to advertise and aren’t creating engaging content, then you can drive away customers.

Social media works differently than other marketing tactics. Your followers don’t just want to see an ad for the latest product or a promotional post about your services. They want to know your brand, hear your brand voice, and engage with you. If all you’ve got to offer is discount deals and promotional posts, you’re not using social media correctly.

Switching SEO Strategies Constantly

If you’re using SEO for your digital marketing purposes, make sure you understand how it works and how long it takes to produce results. Simply stuffing your content with keywords or backlinks won’t increase traffic or help you generate leads. If you want your website to rank higher on search engines, you need to work with an expert SEO firm who can guide you about the process.

Also, remember that results won’t turn up overnight. It’ll take some time to build credibility for your business. If you’re impatient with the process and keep switching strategies every few months, you’re not getting anywhere with SEO.

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