Age Isn’t Just A Number: Designing Websites For Various Age Groups

There are so many cool strategies that can help optimize your website for high conversions, but what many businesses fall short of is focusing on their target audience—specifically, their age group—and designing it for them.

Websites are not a one-size-fits-all deal, so factors like age are important. Here are the best ways to design websites for the three most popular audience age groups.

Designing a Website For Teens

Teens can be a handful. Most of us weren’t really clear on what we wanted as teens, and we also didn’t have a lot of money of our own to spend.

Designing websites for teens is all about keeping them engaged. This means you’ll have to remove all distractions that could lead them away from conversions. A great tip is to opt for a clean theme that doesn’t have a lot of tabs or ads everywhere.

Another profitable approach is to use color and imagery to serve as directional cues instead of filling the space up with a lot of text. Using bright colors to highlight important bits is popular among websites that are designed for teens.

Making Your Website Millennial-Friendly

As the first generation to grow up “online,” designing websites for millennials can be challenging. Millennials feel like they’re running the world with the amount of media coverage they get. Compared to Gen X at the same age, this group of hyper-focused young adults seems to be pushing hard every part of their lives as a generation.

Since millennials lead busy lives, they don’t have time to skim over long paragraphs. A great idea for optimizing your website for millennials is to use as little text as possible and only where it’s really needed.

Millennials have effectively maximized their time by multitasking. It’s not uncommon for millennials to opt for things that fulfill multiple purposes, like consuming TikTok videos for education and entertainment at the same time. Or driving while learning new things with the help of podcasts. So making your website multitasking and multi-purpose friendly is a great way to appeal to the millennial audience.

Targeting Generation X

Most of Gen X is fairly familiar with the internet and using it, but it’s not always best practice to assume that they are proficient at using it. This means that sites and apps designed for them will need to be simpler and easier to understand.

Make sure your website is clear and focused and the intended buyer’s journey is easy to understand and follow. It’s not a great idea to bother with pop-ups or sliding panels, as it will only complicate the site for them.

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