Adding and Editing Your Business Listing on Apple Maps

At the end of 2020, Apple owned 20% of the market share on smartphones. You may be wondering what that has to do with your business, and the truth is it can be a valuable marketing tool! It is reasonable to assume that most iPhone users use the Apple Maps application that comes downloaded on the phone. This application lists thousands of businesses for iPhone users to discover. It lists crucial information about businesses, like reviews, hours, and address. Without a proper listing with correct information, you could miss out on all the potential customers that own iPhones and use Apple Maps. 

Luckily, adding or editing your business information to Apple Maps is relatively easy.  Here is a quick guide to walk you through the process! All you need is an Apple ID (you can use your personal ID to add your business to Apple Maps). If you don’t have on,e it is a simple process to create one here.

Adding & Editing Information to Your Business Listing on Apple Maps

  1. Visit Apple Maps Connect and sign in with your Apple ID.  You will then select the Small Business prompt in the menu and “Add My Business.” This selection will ask you to read and agree to some terms of use. Once you do so, you can enter your business information.
  2. Enter your business information. You can add things like business name, weblinks (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, your website), address, categories, phone number, and hours.
  3. After filling out all the information, Apple will call your business phone with a four-digit authentication code. It will ask you to use the code on your screen to complete the process of adding your business to Apple Maps.

It’s that simple!  And whenever you need to update or change your business’s information, log in to the same website using the same Apple ID.

Why Should I Care If I Have a Business Listing on Apple Maps?

Apple Maps has really become a powerful tool for connecting iPhone users and businesses. It can show real-time transit times to your business considering traffic or how the person is traveling. Customers can make reservations through the application if they are in a bar or restaurant. There are many additional features that make it easier for iPhone users to find their favorite businesses near them, like-

  • Shared ETA: users can share their ETA with each other as they travel to your business.
  • Save as “favorites.” If your coffee shop is an iPhone user’s go-to every day, they have the opportunity to share it in the application, so they can find and grab directions more easily.
  • Users can also share their favorite places with other users via Collections.

Since the application allows some connectivity between all iPhone users, it is only advantageous to list your business on the application. Friends and family can share all the information they need about your business with each other so long as it is listed in the application.

Marking Your Business on Apple Maps is Only the First Step

It is imperative that your business has a digital presence nowadays. Marking it on the various Map applications is only one piece of the complex digital marketplace. Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, and all the other navigation applications connected to your other interfaces produce digital interconnectivity that helps grow your customer base. 

 At Local Image Co., we can help you make sure your digital presence is connected in a manner that is easy for your customers to navigate. We specialize in web development, social media marketing, SEO, and strategy consulting. Revenue growth starts when all these start working in conjunction to establish your business’s digital network.

 If integrating your business in the digital and smartphone age sounds intimidating, start small. Add your business to Apple and Google Maps. Once you start, we can help you see how all these components work with one another to grow your business. So, mark yourself on the map, and then give us a call!