A Guide To Picking The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business

A social media platform can help connect you with the right clients, but the wrong one could waste your time. These digital spaces are where people ‘hang out’ online. From entertainment to education, we rely on social media platforms to get us the information we need. So it makes sense then that we tap into the same platforms to promote our products and services and get the word out. But before you do this, you need to identify which social media platforms will suit your business best. If you haven’t been able to decide that, this guide will help.

Get To Know Your Audience Better

The most important step in picking a profitable social media platform is identifying your brand’s personality and which category of people your brand naturally resonates with. Are the services or products aimed at teens, adults, women, professionals, or a whole different class of people? This is important because social media isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal, and not everyone is looking for the same things. To select the ideal platform for your business, you need to first take a better look at the audience and recognize who you are speaking to.

Where Does Your Audience Like To Hang Out

Once you know your audience better, it’s now time to figure out where they like hanging out. Older adults, for example, like the simple, easy-to-understand structure that Facebook provides, with a separate app for messaging, no confusing sliders or pop-ups, and a clear and consistent color scheme. Most of Gen Y has switched over to Twitter, which is much less distracting and more about voicing opinions and creating conversations. Coming down to Gen X, our beloved millennials swear by the colorful and visually appealing Instagram, where they post aesthetic pictures, like, comment, and engage with other people’s pictures, and build a following based on aesthetics alone. Finally, Gen Z likes the appeal of the hyper-interactive, video-based platform; TikTok. The 15 to 30-second video storytelling platform is quick, colorful, and perfect for people who like to be entertained and educated at the same time. Coming down to professionals, we all know the go-to platform for them is LinkedIn.

Picking The Platform

Once you know where your audience is hanging out, you can design content that’s focused on that social media platform to get the word out to people you think might be interested. It’s best to have a strategic approach, and for maximum impact, try to work with professionals who will be able to use their experience to guide you. Looking for a local marketing agency in Portland, ME, to help with your social media and marketing needs? At Local Image, we believe in building a strong foundation so all of your marketing efforts work together seamlessly Take a look at our services, and get to know us better. Contact our team here for more information.