3 Social Media Tips To Help Your Small Business Thrive

Did you know that 72% of the American public uses social media?

That means about 7 out of 10 people often scroll through their social media feeds, follow brands they like, and engage with exciting content they find. Social media’s extensive outreach, coupled with the fact that it’s free to join, makes it the perfect marketing strategy for businesses on a budget.

For a small business looking to grow and thrive, social media is a gold mine.

It’s no wonder that 58% of marketers believe social media is a very important part of their overall strategy. There’s no doubt that it’s an effective tool, but only if you use it the right way. Let’s take a look at our top social media tips to help your small business.

Social Media Tips

Choose the Platform Wisely

Your social media strategy is only effective if you’re reaching the right audience. Picking which platform you want to dedicate your attention to will help you develop a comprehensive strategy and focus your efforts in a way that converts.

From among the plethora of popular social media sites today, you can utilize important metrics of demographics, content type, and competitor presence to land on one (or more) that makes sense. While Facebook has ruled the social media game with almost 2.5 billion users, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest are not far behind.

Zero-in on Your Local Audience

Small businesses usually have a limited marketing budget compared to their larger industry counterparts. This means that you’re aiming for a high ROI when investing in social media marketing.

The best way to ensure your efforts convert into sales and lead your social media followers down the sales funnel is to target the right audience. Whether you’re an e-commerce brand or run your brick-and-mortar store, the local audience should be your target. Focus your marketing content on relevant, location-based marketing, and it’ll help you cater to this unique niche.

You can achieve this goal by utilizing geotagging, adding appropriate hashtags, and referring to location-based concerns.

Set Your Brand Apart

A brand’s voice is one of the most important—and most memorable—things about its social media presence. The persona you create helps you connect with your audience and gives your brand a personality that people keep coming back to.

Honing a brand tone through your social media posts is a vital part of your strategy. A sophisticated tone will embody your brand’s opulence, taking on a light-hearted humor-filled approach will make your business likable, and an educational brand voice will establish you as an authority.

Remember that your brand’s voice and persona should set it apart from the competition. Your signature voice is how you talk to your audience—don’t forget to make it count!

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