Should I Be Advertising On Social Media?

Social media has taken over the world of advertising by storm. What was once considered a frivolous pastime has quickly developed into a marketing machine that most businesses can’t do without.

Given that there are 3.08 billion active social media users as of this year, it doesn’t come as a surprise that businesses are rushing to incorporate it into their strategy.

If you’ve been on the fence about social media advertising before, these reasons may convince you that it’s a viable strategy for you:

The possibilities are endless

Unlike print ads and television commercials, you’re not limited by the constraints of the medium. Social media allows you to incorporate various formats into your advertising strategy, allowing you to create dynamic, memorable, and effective campaigns.

Images and videos will amp up your marketing’s visual aesthetics, while unique text sets you apart and conveys vital information to your audience. Interactive Instagram and Snapchat stories, live streams, and Shoppable Image posts are all innovative new ways brands can advertise their products in a creative, and often unforgettable, way.

Develop a unique brand voice

Social media gives you the advantage of curating a unique brand personality and raising brand awareness through direct communication with your audience. Based on your audience and product/service, your company’s message can be communicated effectively through a well-defined brand voice.

Maintaining a consistent and unique brand voice across all your social media platforms makes your audience feel connected to your brand. In return, this leads to greater trust-building and authenticity. Brand consistency pays off—it’s said to increase revenue by up to 33% for businesses who do it right!

Connect with your audience

While other marketing strategies often offer one-way communication—where you provide product or service information—social media lets you foster relationships. You can provide information to your audience and interact with them through comments, direct messages, and tweets.

Potential and current customers can direct questions, raise concerns, and provide feedback that your brand can respond to. This gives you a chance to tackle challenges head-on and proves that you prioritize your customers.

According to a Forbes study, 77% of consumers look at a brand more favorably if they apply the customer feedback they’ve received. By focusing on the customer’s experience, you can set your brand apart from the rest!

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