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Michelle Katz

Michelle Katz

Agency Manager & Social Media Manger

Michelle Katz

Chief Administrative Officer

Michelle is the Chief Administrative Officer at Local Image, working closely with the team on marketing strategies, operations, and community engagement opportunities. 

Michelle graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2016 and a few months later took off to Colorado to thru-hike 500 beautiful miles of the Colorado Trail. Returning from this adventure, she moved to the Seacoast of New Hampshire. Over the years Michelle has worked in the marketing industry for one of Boston’s best plant-based skincare companies, sustainable clothing brands, and for herself!

After traveling for 3 months in New Zealand, Michelle returned knowing that it was finally time to explore a dream of hers- to become her own boss. So, she created her own social media marketing company Root & Tendril. Michelle worked one-on-one with clients from various industries in New England and beyond to help woman-owned small businesses market their brands in a sustainable, creative, and successful way. 

Two incredible years later, Michelle realized something very important- being an extrovert, she missed being in a collaborative work environment and craved working for a small team of leaders. Sticking her feelers out, and asking the universe for something incredible, she stumbled upon Local Image Co. A team of talented, brilliant creatives that love working with their community. Michelle is extremely excited about being a new part of the team!

Michelle now resides in Kittery, Maine where she loves traveling, culture, eating amazing food, hiking, skiing, creating holistic plant remedies, gardening, seeing live music, laying on the beach for hours on end, and her community. She is constantly learning how to be a better version of herself and this love and compassion has only positively spread into her relationships and work life. 

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