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Amber McDonald






Amber McDonald


Amber McDonald is a Maine native with a passion for helping local businesses thrive, no matter what their individual goals look like. What motivates Amber each day is the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these business owners. 

Sometimes, in order to realize where your passions lie, you have to acquire the experience and education that leads you back home. For Amber, that meant honing her skills at colleges in her home state and beyond. Living, studying and working in places like Florida and Kentucky helped cultivate a deep understanding of different markets and consumer behavior. 

A proud moment that stands out to Amber is when she accepted a position with a doctor’s office who had been wanting to add a nutrition program to its multi-location practice. Putting her marketing expertise to use (while simultaneously wrapping up her degree), Amber was able to increase the revenue of the nutrition program by $9,000+ a month.

You could say an “aha moment” was blossoming. In the meantime,  Amber continued to build on her strengths of networking, social media and general marketing strategies when accepting a position with a national marketing agency. While it was exciting to manage 100 local accounts within Maine, something was missing from the job. As Amber’s vision of success became more clear, she met Holly Bruns, who shared the desire and need to truly put small businesses first. 

From there, Local Image Co. was born. Together, Holly and Amber were on a mission to build a boutique agency that puts morals and integrity at the forefront of every decision they make for their clients. 

Amber resides in Portland, Maine. She loves everything about this beautiful city and the surrounding community. To recharge, Amber  enjoys spending most of her free time by the ocean with her loved ones. You can find her boating in the Summer and escaping to a beach somewhere warm or skiing in the winter. She believes gratitude, passion, and a drive to give back are what propels her forward in her career and daily life.

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