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Allison Carney

Marketing Coorinator


Allison Carney

Marketing Operations Manager

Allison is an integral part of the Local Image Co. team and is the point of contact on many projects with clients. Early in Allison’s career, she worked for almost 10 years at one of the largest wireless providers in the country.  Her first role was in the customer service department, working directly with customers to help them understand their technology and billing.  Next, she moved into a role in consumer and business sales, where she learned the importance of listening to and gaining the trust of the customer to help them choose the product solution that best fit their needs.  After gaining these valuable experiences and skills, Allison was interested in seeking a smaller, less corporate business environment.

Allison then became a buying assistant at a small mom-and-pop ski shop in southern New Hampshire.  There, she learned the importance of making lasting professional relationships and connections with not only sellers and vendors, but also with the local community, in particular nearby ski mountain businesses and other local shops.  This gave her insights into supporting other businesses and the value this brings to the community that can’t be matched by big-box stores or large corporations.

This valuable experience helped steer Allison toward her next goal of helping small businesses while being a stay-at-home mom.  To reach this goal, she enhanced her skills and knowledge by returning to school and completing a degree in marketing. She enjoys using creativity in content writing, learning about and working with other businesses and organizations to help the team reach their goals, and that every day brings different challenges and experiences.

After earning her marketing degree, Allison found Amber and Holly and was immediately drawn toward their business model of helping local businesses and transparency, which aligned well with Allison’s interests and goals, and she joined their team.  Allison has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and diverse experience working in and with different types and sizes of businesses and clients.  One of her driving passions is partnering with and supporting businesses in the local community.  A lifelong New Englander, Allison grew up in Massachusetts and now lives in southern Maine with her husband, their young daughter, and their family dog, Chief.  Outside of work, Allison spends time with her daughter, playing outside, going for walks, and having fun at the playground.  She stays active by running in the warm months and skiing in the winter.  As part of her passion for supporting local businesses, one of her favorite activities is visiting new towns and discovering new restaurants, breweries, and shops. 


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