Kickstart Marketing


What is “Kickstart”?

It’s Empowering Your Business with a Simple Online Foundation
At Local Image, we understand the hurdles small business owners face in establishing a robust online presence—especially when budget constraints are tight. That’s why we’ve tailored the Kickstart Marketing Package to support businesses like yours in crafting a dynamic digital footprint without the hefty price tag.

Whether you’re looking to build your first website or enhance your current online strategy, our kickstart package is designed to get you up and running quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

It’s Streamlined Digital Solutions at Your Fingertips
Our Kickstart Marketing Package simplifies the process of going digital. Through an intuitive, automated funnel, you can select the exact services you need—from website development to basic monthly marketing—all in one place.

Once you’ve confirmed your marketing package, you can immediately pay and schedule your initial 30-minute consultation call. This streamlined approach saves you time and lets our team start crafting your digital strategy right away, ensuring that we’re ready to hit the ground running.

It’s an Investment in Your Business's Future

Opting for a Kickstart Marketing Package means choosing a partnership that values affordability and efficiency without compromising quality. Our team at Local Image is committed to helping you build a lasting online presence that meets today’s needs and scales for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Why Choose the Kickstart Marketing Package?

Unmatched Cost-Effectiveness
Choosing our Kickstart Marketing Package means opting for an all-in-one solution that covers every aspect of establishing a solid online presence without breaking the bank. We provide a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the needs of small businesses, offering everything from website development to continuous marketing support at a fraction of the usual cost. This package is designed to give you the best return on investment by combining essential digital marketing tools and services into one affordable bundle.
Dedicated Expertise for Small Businesses
At Local Image, we empower small businesses to build an online presence. Our team is not just experienced in digital marketing; we are committed to the success of the small business community. We understand small enterprises’ unique challenges and provide personalized support and tailored strategies that leverage your unique strengths and market position.
Simplified Marketing Operations
We know that your time is your most valuable asset as a small business owner. Our services are designed to streamline your online marketing efforts—such as scheduling social media posts with our efficient CRM system—allowing you to focus on your core business activities without getting bogged down by the complexities of digital marketing. With Local Image, you can enjoy a seamless digital experience that enhances operational efficiency and keeps you connected with customers.

How Does Kickstart Work?

Kickstart is designed to be fast and simple, getting your marketing up and running with minimal delay. All you need to do is:

  1. Customize your Kickstart Package with our easy automated intake process.
  2. Confirm your choices and pay for your initial services.
  3. Schedule a 30-minute onboarding as soon as you’ve made your initial payment so you can meet the team, and we can learn what we need to know about your business.

Our team will take it from there!

Kickstart Marketing Package Services

The Kickstart Package is designed specifically for local SMBs aiming to build a basic online presence on a tight budget. For just $497, we set you up with a simple four-page website including Home, About, Services/Product Info, and Contact Us pages, ensuring you have all the essentials covered. Need more pages? No problem! Each additional page is just $97.

Plus, you’ll get our top-quality hosting for just $49 a month.

Want Professional Content?

If you’re struggling to write your website, you can simply leave it to the pros and elevate your website with our professional content writing service. For $497, receive engaging content for your initial four pages, ensuring your message resonates with your audience. Need more content for more pages? Additional pages can be crafted for $137 each, maintaining a consistent and compelling voice across your site.

Expand Your Reach with Optional Add-Ons

Want more out of your website? The baseline kickstart package is a good starting point, but it can’t compete on SEO and won’t drive lots of traffic on its own. Consider using these powerful add-ons to get more out of your website
Shyft CRM
For just $97 per month, integrate Shyft CRM to significantly enhance customer relationship management. This tool is essential for effectively capturing leads and streamlining your sales processes, including email-marketing, making it a cornerstone of effective digital marketing. It also integrates with our Basic Monthly Marketing Package.
Listings Management

Boost your local online presence with our Listings Management service. Ensure your business is accurately listed across dozens of directories and platforms, enhancing your visibility and local search ranking. This service is crucial for local companies to be found easily by new customers. Increase your visibility online with our comprehensive listings management service for $97 a month.

Curious about your business’s listings? Use this free scan tool to find out how you’re doing.

Basic Monthly Marketing Package
Dive deeper with our monthly marketing package at $397. It includes simple Google Ad Campaign management, and conversion tracking. Note: You must have our Shyft CRM to add this package.

What is The Basic Monthly Marketing Package?

This monthly add-on package is designed to improve the performance of your website and draw more customers to your brand with affordable, proven digital marketing techniques. These include:
Simplified Google Ad Management
This minimal version of our ad management includes one optimized ad campaign every month and helps you track conversions from form fills, calls, clicks, and directions. All this information is viewable through an integrated analytics dashboard. Consider upgrading to our full ad management program for a more tailored strategy and optimized results.
A Steady Social Media Presence

Prepare to boost your social media presence with simple weekly posts pre-created and scheduled for the entire year, editable via Shyft CRM. Want more robust social media management? We do that, too.

Expert Consultation
When you launch your project, start strong with a 30-minute consultation with a local marketing expert. Gain insights and strategies tailored to your business needs.
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Ready to make your mark online? The Kickstart Marketing Package from Local Image is your gateway to establishing a robust online presence quickly and efficiently. Tailored to help local SMBs thrive in the digital arena, this package provides you with all the tools necessary to launch and maintain a dynamic online business. Why are you waiting?

Looking For Something More?

Local Image offers full-service digital marketing, including much more robust websites, in-depth SEO, and much more. If you’re reading for a bigger online presence and to compete online, check out our full line of digital marketing services.