Local Image Company Update: Many Communities, One Vision

Nearly five years ago, Holly Bruns and Amber McDonald founded Local Image Company as a powerful marketing option for local businesses and a community pillar. To grow, we’ve consistently evolved to meet the dynamic needs of our clients and the industry at large. As we embrace the winds of change, we’re thrilled to share the latest developments that underscore our commitment to growth, excellence, and the communities we serve.

New Chapters Unfold

Spring is springing, and change is in the air. Things at local Image have been changing, too. Our clients’ and the wider community’s support and enthusiasm have inspired us to push the boundaries of what our digital marketing team can accomplish, ensuring we remain at the forefront of innovation and client satisfaction.

How Are Holly & Amber’s Roles Changing?

Among the biggest changes is in Holly and Amber’s roles. Transitioning from their hands-on marketing service roles, Holly and Amber are stepping into a more strategic leadership position. This pivotal shift allows them to dedicate their time, energy, and vision to steering Local Image. This has allowed them to focus on the company’s overarching goals and the future of digital marketing.

Why the Change?

  • Pursuing Sustainable Growth

At the heart of this leadership transformation is a deep-seated desire to foster the company’s size, capability, efficiency, and innovation growth. Holly and Amber’s journey from primary service providers to visionary leaders is driven by their commitment to refining our processes, exploring new marketing technologies, and adopting trends that promise to redefine our industry’s landscape.

  • Developing Future-Ready Procedures

Recognizing the rapid pace at which the digital world evolves, Holly and Amber are engaged in developing robust procedures to hel Locla Image adapt to the changing digital marketing environment. They focus on creating a foundation that supports seamless operations, encourages creativity, and ensures that our team remains agile and informed, ready to embrace future trends confidently.

  • Embracing the Latest Marketing Trends

In a realm where staying ahead means embracing change, our leaders are committed to continuously researching and integrating the latest marketing trends into our practices. This dedication ensures that Local Image remains a trendsetter, delivering strategies that are not only current but also impactful, driving real results for our clients.

  • Streamlining Operational Processes

Efficiency and effectiveness are the cornerstones of our operational philosophy. Under Holly and Amber’s guidance, we’re streamlining our processes to ensure that every project is executed with precision, every strategy is deployed with care, and every client’s goal is met with unwavering dedication. This shift is about improving our internal systems always to deliver great value to our clients.

Our Team Is Growing!

Local Image Team

We’re thrilled to introduce Clara Ellis as our new Account Manager. Her role, previously filled by Amber, is to bolster our capabilities and improve our client relationships. Clara brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the local business landscape, making her an asset to our team and to our clients. Her role is focused on ensuring that each client receives personalized attention and project management, streamlining their marketing efforts for maximum impact. 

The growth of our entire team has allowed Holly and Amber to focus on company growth and maturation, keeping Local Imagethe forefront of digital marketing into the future. Curious about who works at Local Image? Meet our team of marketing experts. To learn more about Clara, take a look at her bio!

New Growth Means New Services 

We’re launching Local Image University (LIU), a new initiative aimed at demystifying digital marketing for business owners. LIU has marketing resources, digital courses, and assets to strengthen your marketing knowledge! Whether you’re looking to handle your marketing in-house or simply want to understand the strategies employed by your marketing team, LIU offers the insights and tools necessary for success. 

This new service underscores our commitment to empowering local businesses in Maine, South Carolina, and beyond with the knowledge to navigate the digital landscape effectively. By expanding our team and launching innovative services like LIU, Local Image maintains and even improves our high standards for digital marketing excellence. 

We’re Expanding to a Second Location!

Local Image is broadening its horizons by expanding into Charleston, South Carolina. Say Hello to Local Image South! 🙂 This strategic move is designed to extend our boutique marketing services to small businesses in local communities well beyond the reach of our Maine office.

This expansion is meant to foster the same kind of community trust and growth we’ve achieved in Maine. Also, far from shifting resources away from our Maine headquarters, we’re building an additional team in Charleston who will work in step with our Maine-based team, further expanding our capabilities. All of this is an extension of our fundamental goal: spreading our approach to marketing to more local businesses that serve their communities. 

We are convinced that small local businesses in a community lead to a healthy and vibrant economy. We’re here to help them succeed alongside their corporate and regional competition.

Our Eyes Are on the Future

As Local Image Company strides into the future, we are dedicated to nurturing growth and innovation throughout our company. With solid and consistent leadership mixing in-person and remote work across our locations, we’re poised to grow and improve over time. We anticipate developing a stronger, more unified team by controlling and deliberately moving forward with our growth plans.

With an optimistic outlook towards the future, Local Image is poised to continue its mission of supporting local business growth through tailored and forward-thinking marketing solutions. We invite our community to engage with us, share feedback, and pose questions. Your insights enrich our journey and drive us to refine our offerings, ensuring we meet and exceed your expectations. Together, we’re navigating the digital marketing landscape and shaping it.