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Your Local Marketing Agency

At Local Image, we’re more than just a digital marketing firm; we’re your local partner in achieving digital excellence. With roots deeply embedded in South Portland, ME, and our newer presence in Charleston, SC, our mission extends beyond the traditional boundaries of digital marketing.

We’re here to be the local marketing agency of choice for local businesses. We leverage the latest digital marketing strategies on the global stage and our local insights to craft tailored strategies that resonate with your target audience and community.

Where Local Presence Meets Global Marketing Standards

At Local Image, we’re not your typical faceless corporate agency; we’re a small business with a grand vision and a heart deeply rooted in supporting other small to medium-sized businesses. Our mission is to go beyond the conventional boundaries of digital marketing agencies by emphasizing support for LOCAL businesses, no matter where they’re located.

This commitment to the local community is why we’re actively placing teams on the ground across various locations, including South Portland, ME, and Charleston, SC. It’s essential for us to be able to breathe the same air, drink the same water, and understand the communities our clients are in so we can offer real insights instead of platitudes.

Our Local Marketing Agency Locations

South Portland, ME:

The Heart of Local Image

Our story began at our original headquarters in South Portland. Since 2019, we’ve been deeply involved in Greater Portland, nurturing local businesses with our comprehensive digital marketing solutions. Our dedication to the community and commitment to excellence has made us a trusted partner for businesses looking to thrive in the digital space.

Charleston, SC:

Local Image South

Expanding our reach, Charleston welcomed Local Image South with open arms. Here, we’ve tailored our digital marketing expertise to fit Charleston’s unique charm and business landscape. From the cobblestone streets of the French Quarter to the bustling corridors of King Street, we’re here to ensure Charleston businesses shine online.

The Power & Benefits of Local Teams

Our approach is characterized by having local content writers and strategists who understand the unique challenges and dynamics of your market. They grasp the essence of the people you are marketing to, ensuring your tone of voice resonates with your community. Here’s why this local focus matters:

Understanding Your Market
Our teams are embedded within the community, offering insights into local market trends, challenges, and opportunities.
Bespoke Strategies
Tailored marketing strategies that reflect the unique aspects of your locale, ensuring your message hits home with your target audience.
Authentic Voice
Crafting content and campaigns that speak directly to your community’s heart, ensuring your business stands out authentically.
Community Connection
By being part of the local scene, we foster stronger connections, making your business a recognized and trusted community member.

Our Commitment to Supporting Local

For us, ‘local’ means more than just a physical presence; it signifies a commitment to supporting the backbone of every community – small to medium-sized businesses that offer direct services to their residents.

Our vision is to empower these businesses by providing them with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in the digital age, ensuring they remain competitive and continue to serve their communities effectively.

What Does “Supporting Local” Mean to Us?

  • Promoting local businesses to foster economic growth.
  • Tailoring strategies to meet the specific needs of local communities.
  • Contributing to the local economy by keeping business within the community.
  • Building long-term relationships based on trust, integrity, and mutual success.

Join Our Community of Thriving Local Businesses

Let Local Image be your local marketing agency partner to guide you through today’s complex digital landscape. Our commitment to supporting local businesses is unwavering. When you choose Local Image, you’re not just gaining a service provider but a partner committed to your success.

Reach out today to see how our local teams can make a difference for your business. Together, let’s grow your presence, connect with your community, and achieve your digital marketing goals with a strategy that truly feels local.