Local Image isn’t just another digital agency. We are a team of specialists and experts constantly working to be on the cutting edge of marketing evolution. We are also a family of professionals who respect each other and understand that every team member is a human being.

We’re happy to be based in beautiful Vacationland. At the core of our Maine-based marketing firm lies respect for work-life balance and the pursuit of better marketing through attention to detail, relationship-building, and clear communication. We strive to be more than colleagues; we are a tight-knit family with a common vision.

Picture an office where there’s room to make mistakes and learn, where every idea is taken seriously, met with an open mind, and every team member is treated with kindness. This caring atmosphere is no accident. We believe in the magic that brews when work is joyful and built on teamwork. At Local Image, employees aren’t just building a marketing career; they’re on a journey of exploration, achievement, and mutual growth.

Career Opportunities

Why Work At Local Image?

Competitive Compensation & Benefits
At Local Image, we recognize your worth. Our compensation packages are designed to be competitive and reflective of the talent we house. But that’s not all! Our benefits are cherry-picked, ensuring they cater to both your professional and personal needs.
A True Sense of Belonging
From day one, you’ll sense the familial ties that bind us. We are a tribe that stands by each other, builds upon mutual trust, and celebrates every success, whether big or small. At Local Image, you’re not just another employee – you’re a cherished member of our family.
Work-Life Balance
Our commitment goes beyond providing Maine marketing jobs; we are steadfast in ensuring every member enjoys a balanced life. Flexible hours, understanding leadership, and a genuine concern for each individual’s well-being are woven into our company’s fabric

Joining the Marketing Family

Our Interview Process
Stepping into a career in marketing with Local Image is an engaging journey. Our core team takes pride in our interview process, ensuring we get to know you beyond your resume. We’re eager to discover the stories behind your experiences and the passion that drives your aspirations.
Probationary Period
Every new family member starts part-time. Think of this as our “getting to know each other better” phase. After a probationary period, once we’re sure we’re the right fit for each other, you’ll seamlessly transition into a full-time salaried position.
Excited to Meet You
Our enthusiasm isn’t just about the work we do but also about the people we meet. We’re genuinely excited to know you, understand your dreams, and explore how we can collaboratively paint a brighter marketing future.