5 Useful Tips to Create the Most Attention-Grabbing Email Subject Lines

It’s a Monday morning, and you’re sitting behind your computer when there’s a notification on the screen. “Another email,” you think while lazily scrolling over the email icon.

The email subject line reads, ‘Buy The Best Sneakers In Town.’ How likely are you to open the mail and read its contents? Research says, highly unlikely.

It’s 2020, and advertisements surround us at almost all times. Television, social media, email, and the internet are full of ‘best buyers’ selling their ‘best products.’

Here’s how you can stand apart from the crowd through impressive email subject lines:

Solve problems, give solutions

The world’s fast-changing and people want instant gratification. Even though there’s no magic pill to solve all problems, we still like the idea of a happy ending. Appeal to people’s sense of achievement by readily offering solutions. Some great examples in this vein include:

How to Google-proof your mobile site

How 35 influencers grew their sites from 0-10K visitors

These email subject lines have a more than 50% opening rate. This is testament enough to their effectiveness.

Feast on FOMO!

The fear of missing out is a relatively modern phenomenon that compels a person to act for fear of missing out on a good experience. Some people would argue that you keep checking your social media for fear of missing out on important information even though it isn’t vital to your survival.

Email subject lines that use a balanced FOMO have been doing good for ages. Some well-performing examples include:

We’re starting in 5 HOURS.

Missed you; how’s Thursday?

Human or curious?

Curiosity is one of the oldest weapons in a marketer’s satchel. We use it often to invoke a feeling close to hunger in readers. It’s important to note that curiosity and FOMO may overlap, but they’re different psychological concepts. Some impressive email subject lines that can make a person curious are:

Before you write another blog post, read this.

What could this possibly include? Wouldn’t harm to have a quick look, right?

It’s time to rethink Black Friday.

Hmm… interesting. Let’s see what they think.

I was right — and that’s not good for you.

…What? Who? Okay, I must see this.

Laughter: a gift you can give to yourself and others

Sigmund Freud, a leading psychologist of his time, believed laughter could melt all mental blocks and help people connect. As simple as this may sound, creating a humorous email subject line isn’t an easy task. Try your luck and learn from these funny examples:

Screw it—let’s just give everyone free stuff (Chubbies)

Are You a Genius? You Could Be. (Dollar Shave Club)

Don’t be afraid to outsource

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