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Where it began

about our company

Sometimes a deep calling and a clear mission is enough to get an idea off the ground. 

A true leap of faith led to the birth of Local Image, where we took our passion for small business and experience in marketing to fill a need in the state of Maine and beyond.

While working for other marketing agencies, we noticed a common thread: hardworking business owners were often being blindly led into spending money on services that sounded integral to their success but in reality, were leaving them in the dark without any knowledge of where their dollars were being spent or what their return was, if any. There was no explanation or instruction on how the service was beneficial to their goals. That’s a lengthy way to say: clients were being taken advantage of and that didn’t sit well with our values.

The Local Image team of six are proud of the roots we’ve planted in our Maine communities and feel honored to help our clients succeed both in their online presence and as a business in general. In fact, we tend to become your biggest cheerleader. We can’t help it.

Our mission is to feel like we are a part of your team and we achieve this with our genuine desire to get to know not just your business but who you are as a human being. This relationship allows for a foundation that helps us flawlessly execute a marketing strategy that supports your business and goals while properly (and proudly!) representing you and your brand. 

Whether we are just meeting for the first time or have been working together for years, our goal is for you to feel how connected we are to your vision.

Our promise is simple: You will no longer have to wonder what you are paying for in terms of your marketing program and you will not be let down by an agency that puts dollar signs first. We are proud to have your back because we know YOU are the backbone of our economy. 

Digital MarketinG

Why Choose Local Image as your marketing agency?

We partner with you

Running a business on its own can be challenging. We know you wear many hats every single day. Navigating the world of digital marketing can be overwhelming. We are dedicated to partnering with you to make sure that your marketing efforts and strategy supports your goals without taking up all of your time and hard-earned dollars. We believe in a collaborative approach so that you know what is happening online, and you can feel confident that your business goals are being accomplished.

Belief in a strong foundation

So many clients come to us wanting to start with digital ads because they need more business or they haven’t had success with other companies managing their programs. We’ve seen this time and time again. It is important to make sure you have a strong foundation regarding your online presence to make sure that when you do start spending money on lead-generating activities, they actually convert. We don’t believe in throwing money at the wall and seeing if it sticks.

Lasting Results

Every effort made is to ensure that you have long-lasting results. We never want to see you have to rebuild your website, create new social media pages, or have an ads strategy that you lose all of the data from because you don’t have true ownership of them. When we set up, reorganize, and help you create a strong foundation these pieces are built to support your business for the long run. Often people are looking for instant gratification when it comes to marketing but they end up feeling burned because it was done in a quick and dirty fashion. We will always make our best recommendation upfront, set realistic expectations so you won’t be in the dark and we will always be transparent as to why we are choosing the strategy that we presented. We are in it together and will treat your business as if it were our own.


every time.

We know that making decisions regarding your marketing efforts isn’t easy. We are committed to helping our clients build a strong online presence through strategies that are tailored to your needs. If something doesn’t make sense for you to jump in to we are going to let you know. We believe in starting small, building a strong foundation and having a strategy that will support your company needs whether you have a start up, a seasonal business or if you have been a staple in our community for years.







Free initial consultation

 Meet with our team to chat about your business, goals, and what you are looking to accomplish with marketing. Our team will investigate with a plethora of questions.

Proposal Meeting

After your consultation our team gets to work with strategy and research so that we can put together a customized proposal and marketing strategy. We meet again to review the proposal together and answer any questions.

Let the marketing begin!

Once we have agreed on a program that makes sense for your business and your budget- our team gets to work.